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👋 G'day! My name is Sam. I'm an Australian who grew up in Singapore; nowadays, I'm living in the United States and learning all about computers at Berkeley. Hack yeah!

I enjoy making things (mostly involving code), running hackathons and learning about random pieces of trivia.

Here are a couple of projects I'm proud of:

🌎 Hack Club is a worldwide community of high school hackers.


🔵 An open source CMS built for hackers and hobbyists.


🔥 A daily streak system & portfolio for your projects.


🌏 A 4D multimedia experience showcasing the upcoming challenges caused by global warming.


🎶 An interactive sound festival built for Innovation Week 2021 (built using Sonic Pi).


🌁 The behind-the-scenes of the first high school hackathon since the pandemic!


Here's what I've been up to recently (from my Scrapbook):

Wed, Nov 15

61a boba w/ rao!

Tue, Nov 7

Scrappy is going back on holiday for 5 minutes, they’ll be back!

Sun, Sep 17

🇨🇦 Hack The North 2023! @ImDeet-U045B4BQ2T0 @fayd and I teamed up to make Hack The Geese ! It was a game that attendees could play using the QR codes on their badges. Here’s how’d it work: 1. You’d scan your badge’s QR code to log in. 2. Your find someone who you’d like to compete against and scan their badge’s QR code. 3. You’d both receive a prompt, eg. “take a selfie with a someone with blue hair”. 4. You’d race to take a fun picture based on the prompt before the other player does. 5. You either win or lose, then you got to choose wether or not to rematch! You can go to to see all the photos that folks took during demos with the game (and many more of me stressing over the backend)! We used a slightly cursed combination of a Next.js frontend and a backend written in Go which interacted with one another through Websockets…. yeah, very cursed and very jank. We also used Vercel’s new Postgres & Blob storage services which were surprisingly good. And, of course, we used Prisma…. including it’s slightly hacky spin-off Go client. Another awesome part of the game was @ImDeet-U045B4BQ2T0 custom designed geese (GEESE!)htn-goose-1: Every player got one of these made for them when they first signed! The game was a bunch of fun to play IRL and we had people playing it throughout the demo session. Attached is a sick selfie of @fayd in his sunnies and the judge! And at the end of the day, somehow, we were selected as winners so we got to demo on stage and won a couple of prizes which was pretty cool! Here’s us playing a game with all the attendees and a couple of other photos from the weekend (including us working on the project while on #hack-night!). The GitHub is full of more photos and stories from the weekend: O CANADA!

Sat, Sep 9

fire trails!

Wed, Sep 6

Made this fun little gizmo on HCB which let’s you generate custom QR codes for yourself! thanks @ian for helping me out with all the Rails standards and stuff

Wed, Sep 6

I’m taking a class on PCBs this term! In the first session we made a schematic for a light sensor in KiCad…. yeah it was fun (ignore the spaghetti) :D

Mon, Aug 21

the bay is incredible

Wed, Jul 12

Dev & I went to a laser cutting class at the Generator! We met a guy who was learning to laser cut coconuts

Wed, Jul 12

Dev & I went to a laser cutting class at the Generator! We met a guy who was learning to laser cut coconuts

Fri, Jul 7

@ThomasStubblefield and I were talking about ChatGPT-based games recently…. I tried my hand at making a never ending “choose your own adventure” using OpenAI’s API. it’s super hacky but its a fun proof of concept:

Fri, Jun 23

made this small little script that makes a mosaic sort of thing in your terminal using Go! it’s nothing much but i’m trying to learn a bit of Go this summer.

Mon, Jun 12

We’re seven weeks out from Outernet! It’s time to make the event a reality. I arrived in Vermont tonight and thought it’d be nice to start a video diary of the event’s behind-the-scenes, here’s “Episode Zero”.

Tue, Apr 25

Thu, Mar 30

after fighting the PyPortal for weeks (and taking a bit of a hiatus as @arsh7chetana @NeilGhosh & I have exams), I’ve got a version of the information screen for our WHW project working! it’s scaled back from the original idea but that’s alright. next up, I’m going to get our neopixels working.

Wed, Mar 22

caches! in #caches, we created the art for the boxes that we’ll be using as caches. For a bit of fun we included a small easter egg that uses the cipher wheel! It was also interesting learning about PURL from @reesericci here’s the Figma file we’re using: The next step for us is getting these laser cut / engraved! And then ship them around the world...

Tue, Mar 21

19,626 posts have been made by 860 Hack Clubbers in #scrapbook since June 2020 (this was my first post from back in the day!). Just under three years later, it’s time for Scrapbook to evolve. We’ve always wanted more clubs to post on Scrapbook, however, many club members aren’t on the Slack. Now you can create a Scrapbook profile entirely from the web! This will give club members a space to share what they’re creating in their clubs. Alongside that, accounts can be created / managed from the web and you react to posts like you do in #scrapbook. Leaders: head to to create pages for your clubs. Members can post on there and share what they create in your club with the world! Custom domains & CSS (like on Scrapbook profiles) are supported - these pages would make for sick club websites. It uses the classic combination of Next.js & Prisma with the new addition of next-auth! @scrappy-U015D6A36AG also now uses Bolt which has been a nice quality of life improvement. Here’s the GitHub: v2 is in beta at the moment, check it out here: bugs are expected and I super appreciate a ping when you stumble across one. looking for something to make & post about? react to this post with a 💥 to receive an inspirational* message & idea from @scrappy-U015D6A36AG (who also got a refresh last week)!

Thu, Mar 16


Thu, Feb 23

WHW! Fixed the 500 error on that Toby spotted :D

Wed, Feb 22

Used Vercel’s @og-image package to generate images for the currently playing song that I can then display on the PyPortal (once I get it working). Try it out:!

Tue, Feb 21

whw! bashing my head on a wall as I try to figure out this error when trying to display an album cover on the PyPortal

Mon, Feb 20

still working out the jns and outs of the pyportal! soon it'll look like...

Sun, Feb 19

whw! setup by pyportal!

Sat, Feb 18

got pausing and resuming songs working!

Fri, Feb 17

Got the first part of the project working! Arsh's resin records have been coming along well as well!

Thu, Feb 16

hit a brick wall with my code! got the WiFi working but I'm still a bit stick with the RFID module... will try again tomorrow

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