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👋 G'day! My name is Sam and I'm an Australian secondary school student (second year of IB at the moment) living in Singapore. I enjoy making things (mostly involving code) and learning about random pieces of trivia. Here's what I've been up to recently (from my Scrapbook):

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Tue, Nov 29

day 2/10 of #10-days-in-public! things have been happening on Scrapbook, we’re about to beta test with clubs! here’s a midnight-runthrough:

Mon, Nov 28

Lion City Hacks (T-5 days): Ordered the breakfast (kaya toast & french toast from Ya Kun) & desert (donuts from Dunkin’) today! Arsh also got a massive wad of cash from the bank for a special event.

Sat, Nov 26

Flights all booked for Epoch! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Thu, Nov 3

!channel Welcome, welcome…. to Stage 2 of our hike into the redwoods: ⚡D Alrighty, so, what is the *boogie* you may be wondering? We’ll be giving our Scrapbook all the features that it needs to be amazing for club leaders and members. The first stage of that begins today! So here’s what I’m asking from you 💬 in this thread, can you drop any ideas (as wild as you’d like) for features that’d help clubs! (and enjoy the short update video / weekly recap)

Sat, Oct 29

GeekcampSG was a bunch of fun @Arash and @ZeyuYao-U03DDMP76GL

Thu, Oct 20

Hey everyone! Thought I’d give everyone a small Scrapbook update, featuring custom domains, emoji reactions and sprinkle of streaks :D

Sun, Oct 16

A progress update on how things are shaping up in #scrapbook-dev So many cool new features being added!

Fri, Oct 14

As a follow up to yesterday’s Scrap, I prepared a demo of Berowra for their launch event / call running on the Deta Space! And, I found some real life users of Berowra which was super super cool to see!

Thu, Oct 13

day number 9! there’s a new version of deta space in town and i updated my old Berowra project to work with it :D

Wed, Oct 12

day 8! spent more time planning & brainstorming for #lion-city-hacks-bts. the team & I went to Red Hat's office for a venue tour. it is a magical space, with views of Marina Bay & more. can't wait to spend a day hacking in there.

Tue, Oct 11

my slightly sunburnt self runs through the #epoch-bts & #scrapbook-dev shenanigans I got up to today for day 7 of #10-days-in-public!

Mon, Oct 10

The homepage for #scrapbook-dev was looking… umm, well see for yourself. No where near finished, but gave it a small update and coat of paint! The real purpose behind this was to setup nested data fetching within GraphQL so that we can have the account’s username :D (sidenote: we need you all’s help! check out #scrapbook-dev, there’ll be more issues dropping in there over the week)

Sun, Oct 9

day 5! spent the whole day in JB for a cricket match... but also got up to some assorted things around the match: fully assembled my Sprig (minus the buttons that are in the mail!), did a couple of #scrapbook-dev mini-tasks such as deployment, thought a lot about #epoch-bts & how we create a magical event, and lastly prepared for our venue visit tomorrow for #lion-city-hacks-bts!

Sat, Oct 8

day 4 of #10-days-in-public! double-scrap today! first up, i worked on #scrapbook-dev to add the ability to add it your account. I learnt more about Redwood’s auth implementation and GraphQL directives in RedwoodJS. second up, i made small little Sprig game: was super fun, made it during my workshops at sego lily hacks! also did some more stuff that’s stirring up in #epoch-bts….. join us!

Fri, Oct 7 <- sketched out a small website concept based on hackclub/draw-dino for #epoch-bts!

Thu, Oct 6

day 2 of #10-days-in-public! slight detour as I attempted to add multiple currencies to donation forms on Hack Club Bank… learnt a ton about Ruby, Rails & how currencies work. going to make my PR soon!

Wed, Oct 5

@Arash & I at the Cloudflare / Supabase meetup in Singapore! Listened to a talk on R2 which will help us with #scrapbook-dev :D

Tue, Oct 4

More RedwoodJS & GraphQL exploration for #scrapbook-dev! Today I was exploring filtering within a query which led me down the rabbit hole of arguments and then resolvers… but here we are. I really feel like the more I try out these small things, the more comfortable I feel with the whole system in general which is fun :D

Mon, Oct 3

🌲 More adventures in the Redwoods! Have been learning the ropes of GraphQL by creating a rough posting system for #scrapbook-dev :D Something I found really hard was limiting updating & deleting, which I finally managed to work out tonight using Redwood’s Directives system: and some wonderful help from @tejasag We really need to jazz up this form…. I’ll post a bit more in #scrapbook-dev soon!

Wed, Sep 28

Hark! Hark! You hear the calling of a hummingbird. You follow it, into the redwoods and it guides you towards #scrapbook-dev There you find a campfire with hackers gathered around it. They speak of a mysterious Scrapbook… one created for artists at a hackathon, creatives at a club, adventurers on the Slack & more. You approach them curious to learn more… This is the semester, where we, the Hack Clubbers, shall come together to create a new Scrapbook for the entire community, with a focus on a magical experience for clubs & hackathons. With this, Scrapbook will become the home of everything made in Hack Club. Such a feat can not be achieved by one or two Hack Clubbers, so I call on you, Hack Clubber, to join us #scrapbook-dev as we paint the future of Scrapbook. We need Hack Clubbers with thoughts, opinions, ideas, and people to make this a reality. It’ll be made in RedwoodJS, so join me in that learning journey too! ❤️

Sat, Sep 24

D I had a go at figuring out server-side data fetching from an external REST API, though I couldn’t quite figure out the method they outlined in their reference docs with a GraphQL intermediary. I’ll probably give it another shot tomorrow.

Fri, Sep 23

Today, I tried out RedwoodJS for the first (I’m planning to start using it in a new project!). As I was playing around, I made this small website that housed a collection of dinosaur images! It was interesting messing around with Redwood’s generators & how Redwood uses Prisma. 🌲 Into the redwoods I go...

Thu, Sep 22

🦁 Shipped Lion City Hacks’ website!

Fri, Sep 16

➡️ Hackers, assemble! Because Assemble is now fully _open sourced: !_ Since August 7th, the Assemble team has been writing up everything about Assemble. In the repository, you’ll find around 27,000+ words (that’s as much as a 100 page book!) outlining the swag at Assemble, the judging system, the visa process & so much more. We want this repository to be a reference for #hackathon-organizers, present & future, if there’s anything you’d like to see let me know! On a most personal note, looking back on the weekend as I did the final passes on the repository was really touching. Assemble was an incredibly magical weekend & I wanted to say one final thanks to you all for making that happen 💖. Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy discovering the “backend” of Assemble in: .

Mon, Aug 15

Goodbye Vermont!

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