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๐Ÿ‘‹ G'day! My name is Sam and I'm an Australian secondary school student (first year of IB at the moment) living in Singapore. I enjoy making things (mostly involving code) and learning about random pieces of trivia. Here's what I've been up to recently (from my Scrapbook):

Fri, Aug 5

Assembling Assemble (-edition) #5: the whole team has made to figma! I'm lost for words, I'm so excited for tomorrow, this'll be amazing! โค๏ธ we spent the day doing a ton of venue setup and last minute fixes :D

Thu, Aug 4

Assembling Assemble (-edition) #4: Weโ€™re in SF! Wow! The venue is magical, Iโ€™m firefighting constantly and somehow weโ€™re going to pull this off! See you all tomorrow :D (costco trip, supplies room & flying to SF) (oh and slightly late, but oops!)

Wed, Aug 3

Assembling Assemble (-edition) #3: Finished my final day in Vermont! The big thing I did today was presenting the entire Run of Show to the HQ staff attending, which was almost a full hour of me talking (yikes!). All set and packed to travel to SF in a couple of hours.

Tue, Aug 2

Assembling Assemble (-edition) #2: Wrapping up for the day! Got one day left in VT until Assemble. Spent most of the day fixing up things and making sure everything is set to go. Also a lot of emailing! And @deven & I shipped this massive box of fun suppliesโ€ฆ. around 10 kilos of swag, prizes and sharpies :D

Mon, Aug 1

Assembling Assemble (-edition) #1: Spent the weekend tying up loose ends on the logistics front, writing more code for Scrapbook @ Assemble (name suggestions, please!) & preparing the ceremonies. Most importantly, however, @deven @benjamin & @kunalbotla are in town so we went around exploring Vermont! It was lovely to talk about the hackathon with everyone (alongside other, slighly less stressful topics) and to get geared up for a jam-packed week.

Thu, Jul 28

@ella @Ishan & I vandalised the fridge!

Mon, Jul 18


Sat, Jul 16

Building colour coded spreadsheets!

Sat, Jul 16

Hackers, ASSEMBLE!

Fri, Jul 15

making a new scrapbook for #assemble with @ian

Tue, Jul 12

Gave a rapid fire sync about Assemble at our weekly HQ syncs! Here were my notes :S

Sun, Jul 3

To Vermont โœˆ๏ธ

Sat, Jul 2

Finished Grade 11!

Sat, Jun 25

I spent the last week running sound and audio for our schoolโ€™s production of A Midsummer Nightโ€™s Dream!

Sun, Jun 19

๐Ÿšข Last week, my Hack Club ran โšกMaker Weekโšก. Which put simply was Hack Club for an entire week! We had a Discovery Zone on Monday morning (a series of generative art / visual displays), then every lunchtime we ran a workshop (such as the Kahoot & Kaboom workshops as well as a special science workshop) and to wrap it all up we had an evening hackathon called Maker Night. It was a ton of fun and hopefully we attracted some awesome new Hack Club members!

Fri, Jun 17

๐ŸŒ‰ Something is brewing near these shoresโ€ฆ.

Mon, Jun 6

WWDC swag!

Sun, Jun 5

WSC Day 2!

Sat, Jun 4

Volunteering at the WSC Singapore round!

Tue, May 24

Oh, crikey! My Whack-A-Mole submission got accepted :D

Sat, Apr 9

been working on my CompSci IA!

Tue, Apr 5

reviewing innovation challenge projects with @NeilGhosh & @arsh7chetana

Sat, Apr 2

๐ŸŽธ So despite my webcam going at 1FPS, my i3 dropping to Pentium levels and my MacBook losing itโ€™s ability to make sound, I gave a workshop about Making Music with Replit & Hack Clubโ€™s very own Muse! Here are my slides: for those interested :D

Sun, Mar 13

๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ We ran the first CodeDay in Singapore yesterday! We had a massive turnout and converted a retro cinema (that was formerly a disco dance floor) into a massive hackerspace. (ft @arsh7chetana @Arash @NeilGhosh & @neervikasv

Sat, Mar 12

duck masked up and ready for CodeDay!

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