My name is Sam and

I like to

make stuff

Here's what I've been up to recently

Went to watch this comedy/parody of Shakespeare.... it was interesting to say the least.
Built the world’s most over-engineered next song button for weird thing: the whole thing is being held together by the elastic strings of the mask I wore on friday lol
Cool stickers!
got these lights things, maker week is going to be lit
Playing around with generative art in class
Went to Gardens by the Bay to see for the Dale Chihuly exhibition!
Orpheus is taking over now fully runs on v3 (next.js + theme-ui) and no longer v2 (gatsby) 😎
Scrappy work! it worked!
hack yeah! breakfast here I come!
turns out it’s broken
Made some updates to for the new school year! Still some more to go :D
Finally got around to implementing Editing Collections in Berowra, I was so scared to touch this part of the codebase and just delayed delayed delayed lol
saw some cool planes at Changi Beach!
i visited @beegumfathima2314’s massive club to chat about some of the projects i made this year!
As some of you may know, Scrappy recently went on an eventful holiday (read the story in #scrapbook)! 🎉 Luckily, Scrappy is back and better*! It’s internal storage unit has been updated to switch from the Airtable Store-a-tron v0.1 to the PostgreSQL Prisma Flexi-tron! The old store-a-tron was showing a big :warn: so we need to change before we had to shill out a ton of money for an enterprise variant. (this has been something i’ve been pushing through working on since last month and i’m so glad it’s finished, if you haven’t picked up Scrappy and Scrapbook now runs on PostgreSQL and Prisma, source at & the Flexi-tron is known to be buggy, so if you run into any issues please please ping me and let me know so I can fix everything up, thanks :D
🚩* Hello there! Scrappy has been working hard at Hack Club for almost a year, 24/7! That’s a lot! So Scrappy has sailed off to a far away ocean and will be down periodically today as we upgrade their internals. Any data inputted into Scrappy in these hours will likely not be saved.
I’ve been hacking on Scrappy (:prisma: :postgres: 👀), just testing I haven’t broken them in the mean time
fun fact: based on Slack Analytics, Android is more popular amongst active Hack Clubbers on Slack (266) compared to iOS (214) based on which mobile OS they access Slack from more often
Tonight, @arsh7chetana, @NeilGhosh & I managed to win the Junior AWS Build On ASEAN 2021 hackathon in Singapore :D We did the Cognizant track which was about creating positive communities and all. Anyways, our project was a website that let people look around for places where they can volunteer and then message the organisers, we had to focus on security and all so we built an ID verification system with SingPass (SG government’s OAuth system to have people log in with their national ID cards) and a few other things (some admittedly, a bit gimmicky). Anyhow, here’s a screenshot. We’ve got a limited public version that we put up at & I’ve put the code up at First time winning a hackathon so I’m pretty ecstatic lol, also had a ton of fun doing it yee
this was fun!
shipping time!
my #hack-memes submission, first person to circle all ten choo-choo-crew members and send it to me gets a letter full of stickers lol
i recorded my Prisma Day talk and they had this epic setup :0
LOL my Amazon account is still banned from SoM… i had a 5$ gift card that’s expiring soon
made an iMac lol
its all green now!!
Working an Intro to Next.js Workshop :nextjs:
running a challenge for the rest of the year at my hack club
I won some Vercel / Next.js swag! 🎉
made a customised version of my bank team’s transparency mode! (placeholder data from :summer-of-making: )
made this little script to help me with my chinese!
made this massive sticker and swag wall! (still a WIP)
took apart months of work in a couple of hours.. feels weird
YAY! My sticker envelope is coming!
testing :spring-of-making:
got some of the photos from innovation week’s maker night!
today i presented.. the *CLIMATATOR*! it’s a 4D interactive media experience / climate change simulator that showcases the effects of climate change to a younger audience. you enter the cabinet, put an AR headset on, watch a fictional weather report from 2050, then you begin to feel the heat of a heatwave 🔥 (there’s a strong heater inside), then you going on a bumpy ride (haptic motors) in a fire truck fighting wildfires :firefighter: (it’s still boiling from the heater and it intentionally smells of burning) and to end of your experience a cyclone with winds (a big fan) and shaking (haptic motors) 🌀 + it’s got sound effects and a nice video (this is my myp personal project, goal was to create an engaging way of learning about climate change) the wooden structure was put together with a lot of drilling and with the use of recycled materials to the extent possible. i learnt a lot about woodworking as this was my first ever real woodworking project. *this is biggest project ever, it’s taken me since August to build this all out…..* and i’m really proud of the final product. uses a mix of Raspberry Pi Python, Arduino, Next.js & Node.js to all work. the AR headset is powered by Holocron ( more is at: :partyparrot:
my sister made cheesecake,.it was delicious
did debate, was the first time our school had ever won a debate in this competition
we did it! maker night is finished!
got idyll working, finally!
submitted my personal project, yay?
taught my kahoot workshop to all these folks
Hosted an interactive sound festival this morning at school. Powering it was a massive system of NodeMCUs, a web app, python scripts, an API and groovy Sonic Pi code. more:, videos in thread & thanks to zach and hq for helping with voiceovers
did the final prep to make sure that
Mission 423-3890.
im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got 17 teams for the innovation challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats 10 more than last year
my vibes and SFX boards
just me and my 9 raspberry pis
finished up packing 600 odd envelopes, said goodbye to 3600 of my stickers as well 👋
making music with sonic pi!
making more contraptions
i’m on a mission tonight
designed some github golden tickets
made this little contraption... doesn't seem like much now but it should be cool in the future
got this super dope hardware box! also got a pi pico!
for the first time in forever……
stage 1 of letter prep
going to run a massive interactive disco at school, making stuff with my leap and sonic pi to enable it
big box, 22kg! thank you :github:
got som-mail-system working to handle india distribution of leaps with @roshan!
did a lot of catchup today
got to the silver final of the singapore debate champs! sadly lost :(
Placed 2nd in the singapore debate champs round robin silver div! ngl idk how…. my parents said “we were proud you made it out of bed, everything else was extra”
im excited
exams aren't fun lah
I won against Amazon!
got a magical package from corgi logistics! thank you @hugo.y.hu935!
Leaps arriving today for some super lucky folks!
Putting together a massive Stickermule order!
attempting to revise
went to the opening night of guzman y gomez!! my mum made friends with the owners who are australian
Received 8 sticker mule gift cards!!!
writing code comments, kinda relaxing
somehow with all the workshops prs @matthew just merged i made it into the top contributors in hackclub/hackclub
working on that thing for my scholarship!
I got so many steps today 👣 for a normal school day this is a lot
an experiment in doing my PE work on procreate!
got these motors + a custom badge!
tried robotics for the first time at school!! it's very basic but fun! 🤖
made this little thing for student council, it’s small but im kinda proud of it + work around it
Probs going to start half de-googlizing now as I’m losing my storage
back to schooooll
so i was like actually trying to sleep and then i was thinking about project ideas and then i thought about using spline to make my personal website but reverse engineering it so its like dynamic i should sleeping but yep i worked out kinda reverse engineering it need to do some more work
Wrapped up today with this super hacky prototype of my personal project that i put together today. (house survived, no burning down)
making my best attempt at blowing up my house
big achievement look how clean my desk is
today in a couple of messages
continuing the theme of making things for innovation week: we’re making a QR code garden in the school staircase! it’s going to be full of qr codes to hopefully make people intrigued when you scan the qr code, you’ll either get a quiz (where you can win house points!), a link to an instagram filter, an emoji guessing game, a meme, a riddle or a riddle (forked from lachlan’s SoM ideas page)! here are some samples: quiz: meme: idea: i’m especially proud of the quiz one. it was my first time using cookies (which ngl are super cool) and basically it creates a cookie so you can only redeem the house points once! uses next.js + airtable (but you probs already guessed that!) also geopattern is really cool, each page has a unique bg! oh and one more thing: if you are super super lucky you win a free :github: t-shirt :flying_money_with_wings:
trying to design things in figma
planning out the most epic technology week a school has ever seen and sorted some stickers
this me my github graph! in late jan, I joined hack club and in April started work on :summer-of-making:
happy new year! 2021 🚀
scrappy retry coming soon! edit: now live! if scrappy is annoying react with :scrappy-retry: to force a retry
hacking on kahoot!
finally shipped my secret Santa gift! posting stuff is fun but expensive
This Christmas I got a Jedi Challenges AR Headset from Santa (thanks Santa!). I really like the game, but I wanted to be able to put custom applications on to it! So I made Holocron :jediparrot: which is a React component that makes doing so super duper easy. It helps you size the window correctly and position the screen etc. It was my first time making a React component and I found the publishing quite difficult but I worked it out well: I then built a demo app that shows the status of your Vercel deployments on your headset. It uses SWR and react-reveal to make it feel buttery smooth! I also built one that implements the Slack events component on the Hack Club Website (here) on to it (sadly I ran out of time to put this in the demo vid but there are pics attached! Here's the GitHub project for the package: And here's the demo video which I submitted to MLH's weekly hackathon...... and guess what?? Somehow, I won Best Overall Hardware Hack so I now get a free kit from ironically DigiKey (you still owe me money, no escaping) but my react component won best hardware hack lol!
I’m really proud that I worked this out!! Published smth on :npm:
Tried out coding on my iPad! Was very cool! I built a little microservice to make a print from a github markdown file:, it’s so i can markup new workshop bounty submissions in review, which i built a siri shortcut for
I should post an update in #scrapbook
yay!!! look what I got for Christmas
merry Christmas hack club!!!! (yay its finally here)
my parents won't be purchasing any new clothes this Christmas!
I tried an impossible burger, it was very nice
I'm at the luge and it has really cool engineering I'm excited, never been
built a fun game! it’s called dance-x-factor :dancing-dino: you scan the qr code (this is intended for tv screens around my school), it then starts the dancing, a tensorflow.js model (made using teachable) will then monitor your performance, then the x-factor judges (or what ever you call it i feel like there are 10 of the same shows) will give you the golden buzzer or the big red buzzer based on what the model felt it’s not at all accurate but it’s fun! source: try: (note: this is designed to only be used by one client so if multiple people use it 💥 ) this was a fun thing to make, tho it contained me dancing in a public library very quietly to train an ml model… have fun!! and ignore my 1am dancing
I now have vercel on my fridge!
I got some next.js stickers and vercel fridge magnets!
made a quick Instagram and Facebook filter!
i saw my name!!!
i’m trying out figma more! getting more comfortable with it
made a rick rolling thing! you fill out the form and it gives you a call with the rick roll + a little ad for the event (read on)…. i made it with next.js and nexmo the idea is that we’ll have these qr codes all over the school (we have permission, its going to be like cloudy with a chance of meatballs but qr codes instead of food) ignore the fact that the screen recorder doesnt pick up the call sound, trust me it does work
going to library after a while! (last time was pre circuit breaker)
making maps!
The Magical Formula for Welcome Envelopes!
school ended!! thanks for the secret Santa gift @23neil.g!!
planning out buying stickers and badges!!
hey friends! thoughts on this design?
coming soon 🤞
and I’ve now edited that video 🎉
another hack club meeting! we made a video for the assembly to showcase every we made!
built a live drawing activity! it’s a live activity for events where attendees write basic commands to draw shapes on a large screen, it’s intended for absolute beginners (going to use at a school assembly in feb) The attendees enter a terminal-like interface where they write commands inspired by p5.js, these are then checked and sent to the webpage at /live using which then runs them on the p5.js canvas. Try the attendee view: And the main screen view: source @ enjoy!
getting back to working on my new website!
it's getting there!!! last few steps for the structure then I gotta make the electronics
:yay: :shipment-dino: :hugohu:
i made a thing a few weeks ago with my :hardware: that i never shared… it’s a sound reactive necklace for school! i made it in one night after my product completely fell apart so i was very fortunate to have saved it :))) code is @ as a demo you can check out my video review of the product functionality i submitted:
i made a newsletter for the new school magazine launching tomorrow! i used next.js, mdx and deployed on vercel! been a bit stressful putting it all together but proud of the end result: :yay:
went to a cafe next to seletar airport and got a Norfolk pine for a Christmas tree
student council is making santa suprises (goodie bags) for christmas!
small pieces of progress!
reviewing workshops!
ultra random ship… but my student council pulled off one of the biggest events of the year super last minute! we wanted to raise money for movember :moustache-parrot:, but caught up with stuff, in the end we did a 🥧 pie the teacher event! we had 10 or so teachers + me and the vice president of stuco who were forced into this by some very ~evil~ creative stuco members loll, it was painful but i individually raised like 50 bucks so thats cool… overall, it actually went super well and mostly smooth and we raised like A LOT of money: $529.85 💸 i looked like the abonimal snowman at the end apparently
wow wow wow
tomorrow is both fun and scary! i also got chinese and math tests… math is good (i love my ti calc) but umm chinese NOOOOO omg im dead
me & @msw took a very fun pic together through zoom!
preparing a pie a teacher in the face event for school! s/o @23neil.g for the poster
making something with @msw (inspired by the panic sign)!
made some progress with a flimsy (for now) wall! and drilled through metal which was painful but like you gotta do what you gotta do
fun fact i now have a registered spotify artist account!
making something with hardware!
first meeting went amazing!!! thank you everyone that gave advice, couldn't have done it with out you <3
this was once the busiest border crossing in the world, thanks covid
i worked out how to gain access to the image feeds of major traffic cameras around the island and built a dashboard for snooping around looking at each one:….. these images are cool to watch over time, I might make something tomorrow for generating time-lapses from them :D source @ …. I used next.js, who would have guessed?
slides ready for tomorrow!
brought loads of lollies for the club
my family is hiring an electric car for the hour it's pretty cool there's like an automated kiosk at the top of our street
our class's tiktok is going viral lol
this has been floating around the slack last night but let me introduce you to <|>! it's a fun website that introduces you to a random Hack Clubber from the Scrapbook API. I made it a while back with Next.js :)
playing around with making shipping labels through APIs!
Had fun playing minecraft for the first time in a long time Hugo & Jack showed me around the server and i was a noob with minecarts lol
I made a (funny?) story video out of our school's halloween dress down day pictures... its a bit random
i got big sur!
Scrappy now supports webhooks! so when ever you post something it will send a blank fetch request to any url you set... you can set that url using /scrappy setwebhook <> I built a little demo app that adds my Scrapbook posts to my Github profile README (check out the image below) you can see it at and make your own with hope you all can automate cool things!!
I edited a musical!! you can watch it at it's for language and culture week at my school and called the Oneness play. It was a massive challenge.. as we ran into A LOT of issues filming it but im pretty proud of the end result tho a few thing things im not super fond of ya check it out if youd like: :)
scrappy webhooks coming soon!
today i set up for a new project with nextjs! authentication is very confusing
so empty
we lost our debate :( feeling pretty bummed out, feel like it was robbed from us but I won't ramble :/
spray painting and 3d printing in design
ahhhh the video is still coming along but the file is massive
still editing!
we’ve got the full footage! editing time :)
i won best costume for halloween in my grade and helped my class win best class, so we get a pizza party!! we had to dress up as our personal project, mine is related to climate change... here's my costume
a lot happened to today: Halloween dress up, math test in the morning, class party for Emma who is leaving the school, debate (which we won!!) in the afternoon whilst also having 3rd movie night and then got dinner and played among us lol
My scrambled together climate change Halloween costume 🌐 🌲 🔥 :sadparrot:
follow up ship from this: we used the system for the first ever time at the grade 6+7 movie night!! it was a massive success overall, all the watchers had fun watching the movie and getting food hand delivered. @arsh7chetana is very proud of all the money we raised for future events ;) tho we had a bit of a rocky start.. but the system held out with like 20 orders a min, seeing real people use what i made is cool here's a real customer interview who loved being treated like royalty :D
helping make the summer of making mail system with @msw!
finished off a lot of school work today, had delicious weet bix slice tho that my mom made
made a system to manage requests for sports equipment
my favourite team won the Australian football grand final for the second year in a row! here's a picture of me and the premiership poster from last year 🐯
i devised a scavenger hunt for the entire school to participate! then the student council ran it :))) we even had a real treasure chest (thanks Sai and co for making it), and filled it with candy as an end goal! we had a whole qr code system to get hints which i built with next.js and stuff, i also made a safety plan to allow this madness to get approved by the school which i am quite proud that it happened :yay: oh it was also Think Pink day, the school was very very pink
i don’t want to be left out
had a debate today! first off the tournament (5ish weeks) and we won 🎉 motion was that the government should pay cash bonuses to parents whose children significantly improve their grades at school. we were negative team. s/o to @23neil.g and @arsh7chetana
as couch camp drew to a close, and our scoring manager fell to sleep way too early.... we found ourselves with scores scattered across 22 separate JSON files.... oh dear making the closing slides would be a pain but i did not want for the not so techy people to go through any pain... so i stayed up very late last night and built that went through and linked together all the JSON files to output the critical results needed. it ended up saving hours for my friends today and i'm very happy about that. i'm quite proud of the hacky js stuff i wrote whilst half-ish asleep lol and then today i built on top of that system to make certificate websites for each scholar... it involved even more linking of JSON files, using square numbers to make it challenging for scholars to find others urls and a whole load of JS to make the award names. all together it looks like, people have to screenshot to save it which i guess is alright its all a big hack, here's the source code for: im so proud of this massive hack i continue to fall in love with Next.js
zach day! happy birthday @zrl! here is the most random birthday wish ever, enjoy?
today I started to feel excited about my project again
Seeing it in person is a completely different experience. I must say @ky200617 this has made my week, this is absolutely amazing. This is all so surreal, I am so grateful to be apart of this. Wow.
chatting with the couch camp squad! we're almost done :))
I also got some free stuff!!!!! My teachers GitHub box came in, yay!! she gives it all to me to distribute soooooooo also a CodeDay hoodie!!!!!
the student council is making a play for the first time ever! today we had our first recording, it was amazing, the cast and crew are epic. here's me helping run lighting 🔦 this thing burns holding it, not a lot of fun excited to get editing!
heading back to school!
Our home's electricity broke today :((( it's falling apart lol.... i also built this tiny little Dengue case tracker to play around with graphs: school tomorrow! gn!
I lost my debate against Donnie, sad life :(
Managed the software for a massive quiz bowl (50ish teams, will all rooms added up)! Was a super super stressful 3 hours as I needed to be precise with my clicking, but we got it to work (mostly :DD sorry not sorry), yay!
I'm playing around with what a new personal website could look like... thoughts?
running a debate comp, one team drops out, and guess what? now I had to 3v1 this team.... but i still won so yay!!! very weird debate.... i put on different characters for each speaker (spoke 3 times) and they were all very melodramatic... lol
Today I ran what I called the "The Great Race Across Singapore" with my Student Council friends as a team building activity! How it worked that there were teams placed in secret locations and they had to go through a series of challenges to reach the "final location" on the other side of the island which was the Merlion in Marina Bay but they didn't know that. Here's how it worked: Each team had 4 council members and one council leader. The council members were each given a store number that they had to go to in he Yishun Mall. Then the council leaders were all separated from their team together at Yishun Station. To come together they need to communicate through their location with only emoji. Then once they have met, they receive a cryptic message: My name is TRY***PA, call me maybe? . When they type this word into their phone, it will call me. I then read out the following message: 1°21'53.2"N 103°50'27.8"E, but bigger. If you head to 1°21'53.2"N 103°50'27.8"E, you will yourself in a random carpark in Ang Mo Kio (Singaporean outskirt-ish suburb, very residential). But what is special about this random carpark, is that it is the site of a small Merlion statue pictured below (where you wouldn't really expect one, they're rare). And remember we wanted "bigger". So they now have to travel down to the main Merlion statue in Marina Bay racing against each other. On the way they had some fun tasks as well such as taking selfies, learning more about each other! First one there wins the race!!!! It went pretty well on the delay and despite some early hiccups the Academics Department team put their minds to it and won the race! How the completely skipped going into AMK by just use Google Street View 🤣 Diego got a big brain!! Here's a photo of the winning team and that infamous mini merlion as well some screenshots from Sherlock Holmes my alt account on Slack plus a make do TikTok that me and Anjali (VP) made coz neither of us have TikTok lol really nice to have some fun!
i went to chinatown tonight with my family!
built a little thing! to see it just look at my profile picture, it's changing every 5 minutes ;) done this with serverless functions on vercel, and pinging it every 5 minutes to change the picture also got a quick web dashboard:, it let's you change it for yourself! try it out! source
I reached 3,000 contributions a day ago!
missed out on getting a fancy domain for your scrapbook? wish you had more custom domains? well your in luck today! i have create a quick and easy tool that creates a vercel project which acts as a proxy for your scrapbook profile allowing you to set a custom domain. so how to do it? 1. head to follow the steps provided. 2. once you’ve deployed the project you will see a screen saying Congratulations!, wait a couple of seconds and you’ll be redirected to the domains page. 3. Add the domain you’d like using Vercel’s built in instructions 4. Hoorah! You’ve done it! the setup for this wild midnight project is at: go crazy with your domains!
Cool thing arrived at our door today!
Finished off 1984. Loved part 1, getting to discover this world was amazing. Part 2 & 3 mixed thoughts about them. But I'm really intrigued by the concepts it brings up, such as twisting language to force a certain idea onto a population.
i got accepted onto my school's magazine editorial board! going to be running tech!
I learnt a lot about making React Hooks with this PR
i have made a couple of things for z internet over the past three days! may i present them to you? first up us Leap Manual - it's an apple inspired manual for the Orpheus leap! ( it's based off @matthew workshop slide deck thingy... i must say mdx deck is wacky next upp is something to help out my student council, we're hosting a physical scavenger hunt but we cant have people huddling around the clues, so they'll scan a qr code to get their clues. i built a website to show those clues, sample: and gems kids this is fake so no hints. but my fav project of them all is the one i made today! with serverless functions and vercel i made this little thingy that allows you to add songs to a spotify playlist because my school is creating a student playlist to play in the mornings and as the student council ~president~ software developer i stepped up and made smth but im actually really proud of it yeet /// i also learnt how weird spotifyss api is its weird im not a fan school holidays are fun times
i made #the-democratic-republic-of-sam active again! and posted this random story which i think is cool i've also made 2 websites / web thingies today and yesterday maybe ill post them tonight
I once performed on this stage! Playing the marimba lol
Mini ship! I built a payment system for my friend's MUN last night! Stripe + Serverless functions makes it sooooo easy!
had a wonderful lunch out with my mum! we had pizza and even got a lamington!
Spent today, quickly putting together this shiny website for my friend Sai :D Link: not my favourite site, but pretty happy with it :)
Playing around with ideas for my website
Starting to work on my hardware project! The Climatator!!! Today I got my NeoPixels working :D fun story the store didn't know they were NeoPixels so they were an absolute bargin Going to apply for my grant soon
Today is a great day! I got a massive bag of goodies from Codeday!!! Yeet
subway mint choc chip cookies are really nice, they just added them!
Really cool thing to wake up to! my parents are proud of me :D
Built something that I'm really proud of, part of me learning Next.js and being insanely bored in class (common topic in parent teachers, Sam looks very bored and needs to stop "multitasking"). Introducing! Displays the date from the Economist Intelligence Unit's democracy index in a nicer more human way, i hope you enjoy :D each country has their own page as well, plus there are categories It's on GitHub at: :D
Rough day, was feeling sick this morning so didn't go for the last day of school. The school terms ended, yay! Really needed a break from it all, hoping I can get that break :D my little website project ( is coming along nicely tho
All ready for tomorrow, gotta sleep
Crashed twice, still rendering
Rendering..... very slowly
brains-trust of the gems media crew
Making a new website, check it out at! It's still a massive WIP, and all the flags are broken on Windows but im still pretty proud of it :p
them: Grade 10 will be extremely tough, you must maximise all your time us: let's play JustDance and Karaoke for our last two periods :dabbing:
Early this morning, I had the privilege of sitting back stage and watching the Adafruit Show & Tell happen! Truly remarkable seeing all the projects alive, sad we didn't have time for more! Thank you to everyone who presented, the wonderful Adafruit team for making it possible, @vera for pinging the channel and my Grab driver who subbed in for the MRT and got me to school just on time :D It just felt really nice sitting there and watching with everything happening on it's own, I really enjoyed it so thank you!
Hit the big 💯!
More free masks!
Driverless metros are so freaking cool!!!!
The mozzies are coming to eat us!!! Nah this isn't much of a concern rn, some areas are in orange and red. Actually, where I go to school (Yishun) had a massive outbreak but through something called Project Wolbachia nearly all of the Aedes mozzies have gone so it's safe
Used Fusion 360 to design some 3D mockups for design, we're making jewellery... which i am far from an expert in but I'm trying my best :D It's a random mix but we have: The southern cross (represents Australia) Some modern triangle An Iron Man Arc Reactor And a Christmas Lights Necklace I'm just getting started with 3d modelling so these look pretty nice to me :)))
I wrote a workshop, for and it was the first one to get accepted!!!! WOOT WOOT!! It's a workshop all about CSS, which learn through making an epic Scrapbook profile! if you've got some time please do check it out at: I love feedback!! if you use at a club please please do send me photos!! thank you @zrl and @lachlanjc for helping make the workshop ultra epic!
It's Arts Week next week at school and it'll be a lot different to normal :( This week's theme, however, is collaboration. So I wanted to create a platform that let students share their artwork and take inspiration from other's artworks! Meet the Collaboration Hub:! It's going to be used next week for people to share their art, and for people to take a look at their art! People can "remix" art which is when they build on top of another person's art work or take inspiration from some art :)) built with next.js and geist-ui again lol... this was my first site using props (i actually built the above one after this but the Arts teachers took a while ahahahaha). also heavily inspired by scrapbook
Rollercoaster of a day! @23neil.g can relate lol.... here are some photos of me eating street food in Shanghai last December because food is good :))))) my scrapbook is quickly turning into my mum's facebook in rewind
Got a very nice package from @lachlanjc, thank you Lachlan and everyone else involved! This summer was a unique and fun experience for me, thank you for helping make that happen! Here are some epic socks I got:
not a great day at all....... nostalgia
Hey there small but (i hope) cool ship! So I got sidetracked whilst making a workshop and have made a global piano! Powered by you can now play the piano on the site and it will brodcast to everyone else on the site! If no one else is online, open up multiple browser tabs and test it out! Attached is a demo video! link: (i made it in 20ish min so idk if there are any glitches, also sorry no mobile support as it needs a keyboard)
Here's my friend Prachet delivering the goodie bags!
my github swag from the scavenger hunt arrived!!! also tonight i worked with @luke on making a new version of that has instant approval! also had a history test, did meditation in drama class and had an interesting day at school :)
Today we finished up our collection of goodies for the social service workers as a Student Council! This morning we packaged them up nicely, ready for delivery tomorrow 🚗
woot woot! got an 8 in the Science Test 🎉
Bishan at rush hour! So many people.... A lot of small things happened today, nothing big though. Feeling the stress of exams.
Today was one of those days where a lot happened but nothing huge... I guess this is the highlight: the Student Council is collecting chocolates and sweets this week and packaging them up to send to Social Service workers here in Singapore who have been working tirelessly throughout COVID-19, great to see the school coming together to help out :D here's our progress one day in to the collection, looking good!
today me and my dad did a little bit of an experiment and tried out IKEA's food... we've always seen it being like super full so we tried it i got swedish meatballs, they were pretty nice! it was so hectic but certainly an interesting experience :D (photo from the internet coz i didnt take one)
Yesterday, at school we hosted the first virtual assembly! Me, @neervikasv @23neil.g and Arsh did some crunch time video editing to produce the entire assembly video (30 min ish) in just under 4 hours! here's my little speech on student council, super rough coz the entire video rushed:
Today as a student council we made 66 cards for all the teachers at the school! we had a padlet (which @23neil.g made) and got students responses then we printed them out and turned them into these amazing cards! (i wasnt much help.... i got banned from doing anythings with my hands within minutes because i am too clumsy..... so i was finding all the printouts and matching them up)
Shipped a vending machine! And relived the past three years in lounge with Neil, then started dying coz of Neil's big brains!!!! Crazy day today... defeated half my class in history bowl whilst being on my own! had debate debrief... happy customers!
the sun has set (quite literally now), thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who joined the Summer of Making!!! it’s hard to piece together words, so here’s a post i wrote… and the recap site I'm about to ship…. one thing I haven’t done yet is say thank you to a lot of people, so meet my thank you wall: • thank you @roshan for being there literally always and being amazing, for bringing your. abundance of knowledge to #hardware-party and listening to me even when I’m not literate. you’re the best partner in crime! • thank you to @athul & @annlee_fores, for being life savers (on multiple occasions) and stepping up to support with all the Indian grants. True life savers. • thank you to @lachlanjc for guiding me through making the recap site, always supporting when ever I contribute to Scrapbook or the Site and for all their support in the fast few days. Plus just being super nice and cool! • thank you to @cwalker for all their support with hardware over the summer and just being someone to talk things through with! • thank you to @msw & @cwalker for all the lengthy convos we had pre-launch that helped lead SoM in the right way! • thank you to @neel.redkar for building awesome things that were life savers! • thank you to @zrl for being super supportive but also brutally honest at times! that brutal honesty saved us! • thank you to @elisemoe for being super supportive of us and for helping me out with pitching to Adafruit & Arduino! • thank you to @cp & @michael.destefanis for putting up with my banking incompetence and some of the shenanigans we attempted! • thank you to @matthew, @amogh, @dinaelhanan, @tmb, @christina695, @melody for all being super cool and doing super cool stuff! • thank you to @rishi for whilst not being directly on the team, had a massive impact :) OH AND OFC THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE YOU ALL ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING THANK YOU FOR BEING COOLLLLL!!!!!! heres the earliest photo i could find, i’ll let your imagination go wild…
Designed a graphic for Hack Club's tweeter!
Sunset over the Margret River; foreshadowing what is to come tomorrow...
I'm taking the bus all the way to school! Why? Because I got bored of being in a train and imo buses are just nicer... plus the seats are cushioned! You got to see so much more as well! Hopefully I'm not late.... here's my book week costume, yep, a 1984 shirt. I was planning to draw a dictator mustache on myself but I have to wear a mask.. I'm now regretting not getting those free single use masks yesterday :(
false info
schools going well, lots of tests coming up... thinking about whats next after school, don't really have a plan but maybe thats all too far ahead. just everyone around me seems to be so invested in university and i know like 4 and don't even know what i'd do! just want to have fun ahahaha also planning out a new project! and starting to say goodbye to a massive one :( tomorrows book week and I don't really have a costume but i want to go as big brother coz we're studying 1984 in class! here's a photo of my dressed up as a sailor from last june, dress up can be fun!
zooming with the debate squad / friends!! turned into a review of my scrapbook ahhahahaha!!!
school is going along well! got the first round of assessments starting tomorrow, math test should be easy. anyhow.. also got a lot of student council stuff organised.. managing such a big team is hard (22 people!!!) you know! also gems media crew is getting going! for my scrapbook post here's a photo we needed to describe in mandarin today, here' what I made (with a lot of help, no judging): 我从这张图片中看到了: 一个老师在上网课,教室里没有一个学生。 老师把每一个学生的照片放在椅子上。 这是一个晴天,但是学生不能出门上学。 just got to perfect my speaking of this! we're starting to practise our mock IB internal assessments ahhhh why does school move so fast?
Early morning rush hour at Bishan... this morning I found out that I had won the GitHub Scavenger Hunt from Hackclon: wooohooo!!!
Playing around with adding easter eggs to the site! here's some rice tho:
Video call with Roshan and Elise! Also putting the finishing touches on the recap website! Thanks @lachlanjc for your feedback, only one checkbox to go! Last night, we launched the scavenger hunt which is fun!
remembering the awful time my friends made me drink hot sauce during a "talent show"... as you can see it did not go to well to say the least
Had our weekly student council meeting! Discussing how we can run socially distant events that engage the students, planning on trying to buy one of those big inflatable screens and doing a few movies under the stars with popcorn 🍿 Also planned out 10 or so more things for the semester! Everything from an open mic to escape rooms to a virtual MUN conference... going to be a busy for the council! So proud of the team :) (here's a pre-covid photo of us fundraising money)
It's like public transport heaven in Yishun!
here's a photo of me forgetting my id card so i couldn't board the shuttle bus... but most days i take public bus anyways so it's all good ahahaha any way #ship a solution to my massive issue, but then i got told off by the principal.... :oof: now I'm going to start using a lanyard coz this happens everyday (me trying to find either my bus card or my id card)
Added bonus, the safe distancing ambassadors! Making sure everyone keeps their mask on!
School getting inspected by the CPE for COVID19 prevention, I got distracted and get off at Khatib instead of Yishun and am now rushing to school... also we've got PE first class hopefully it doesn't get rained out! Also #shiped something yesterday, check it out!
Happy Monday! Empty double decker bus today, so I've got it all for myself!
took the mrt down to marina bay and had a walk around with my family tonight!
Planning out a massive school project today! Here’s a photo of my trip to the supermarket:
2nd day back at school! Nice being back with friends, but already got homework :oof: here are some photos from my bus trip this morning:
Sunrise over the reservoir...
On the train to school!
anddd it's over.... tomorrow summer ends and it's back to school 🎒 went for a long bike ride around the neighbourhood and up Bukit Timah road.. it was boiling but still a nice time 😁 also played footy 🏈 (aussie football) and reflected a lot on the past few months, from school closing to the first Circuit Breaker in April then the second CB then that weird two weeks of half physical / half virtual school and then this long long holiday... it's been a rollercoaster 🎢 and now there's an uncertain future ahead... we'll be physically going to school each day but times change... got a student council to run, but what will we be allowed to do? also going to be getting the hack club up and going! oh and IGCSES ahh thank you hack club for all the wonderful memories this summer :partyparrot: i'll be around (but not as much hahha)! here are some hearts from outside the CC that were put up for the bicentennial:
more food because food is good!! we went to a local bakery and got waffles for brekkie as a treat coz summer vaction is coming to an end.... last day tomorrow :( making a random game app thing with a raspberry pi to promote my club, will hopefully share a demo tomorrow!! also it was an interesting national day..... a weird one.... a sad one... best represented by this national workout video i keep on getting as an ad on youtube and this very slow sombre yet fitting national day theme song
Made Apple and Plum Crumble with my family, yummy!!! :chefpheus:
my mum, brother and I went Palau Ubin today 🏝️ we cycled around it, had lunch, had an ice lolly, did more cycling, had another ice lolly and got on a boat.... ya and my mum made us take lots of selfies lol good time :)
From these "chicken scratches" (Mr Chao, 2020) to a fully ready system in just under 24hrs... exciting times you know!!! Also set something cool up with the squad at Adafruit who are cool like always 😎 and went to get lunch with dad
reizjdgoidrfj im addee this cool thing
had a great making session with @cwalker, building a cool project to end off summer of making :partyparrot: built a landing page generator for OnePwaa events today and did all sorts of small things... here's a photo of me and my siblings in front of a bullet train in Shanghai
So here is an interesting story... next to my house we have this really really annoying drilling construction site so today I was so fed up I raged quit the house and went to this public seating area and sat there for the day whilst borrowing McDonald's free WiFi 🤫 Got a fair good amount of work done as well so that was neat :parrot-nyan:
Footy is on! well kind off, in a socially distant way... we're in groups of 5 and can't do any contact but its great to have a run around with the footy.. also my dad accidentally signed up as a coach and ofc he's my group leader. i think he didn't know what sport we were playing its AFL not Rugby :/ any how today i started planning for our Hack Club for the semester realising that our first meeting is this month 😲 pretty happy with the progress so far made posters and just got a general plan together ya just a load of small things... i'll leave you with a photo of my jumper which is this splendid aboriginal design
Today, I got the first draft of the site I was talking about complete, wrote a long email for an upcoming SoM event we're looking to collab with cool people on and also went to the hawker market to get some dumplings for lunch :)
Started building a new website using Next for the first time! I also planned out my CodeDay tech talk, and that's about it yep... i really don't know what sort of photo to share so here's a photo of a waterpark in Johor Bahru that my family visited pre-COVID, super fun :)
CodeDay Labs Project ✅ Very proud to finish the project, biggest piece of software I've ever built :partyparrot: despite my team and mentor completely bailing on me, it's finished! Going to do a more detailed ship when I'm not handling 10 things at once... also worked with the Student Council on a new event for the upcoming school year, building a new site that I'm already proud of, had a haircut for the first time in 7 months so I am now missing a lot of hair feels weird, also trying to figure a few issues with hardware party 🤞
Ignore just testing
I laid down on this tree net thing for half an hour.... you know the greatest showman soundtrack is verrryyy good 🎶 also our CodeLabs project is finished 🎉 , and grants are going, well tonight I'm playing around with a coding project that I want to ship tomorrow 🚢 this tree is quite cool, its like a net half way up the big tree as part of the SPH Walk of Giants.. also some more photos of the gardens
redid basically half of my codelabs project coz i found a major security issue with my code 😲 so that was stressful but all good now, sent messages to all those forgetful people and we're finally sending out some grants that i'd procrastinated on coz of all my bans (feels great yippeee) because my room is boring, here is a photo of me and a pineapple i won 🍍 (my mom than went and chopped it up for fruit salad)
yeet speedy me caught up with all the hardware grants and DMs (though just through my last meeting that's ticked back up to 12 dms so gotta check them all), also had a couple of meetings tonight starting off with a OnePwaa org get together where we planned out our post-COVID camp situation and then a chat with @msw and @roshan about "sending money around the world". Finished off the night chatting with @itsmingjie, @saharsh and Tyler about CodeLabs but it turned into people bullying Airtable so... idk what photo to share so here's the pizza I heated up today 🍕
Guess who's got their kayaking certification? Meeee, I completely fluked that "assessment" and now it's "safe" for me to kayak. I am a one star kayaker, I honestly didn't know you needed a certification to kayak so this weekend took an unexpected turn but was certainly one fun experiment! Also had fish and chips from this very British fish and chips shop, yumm photos are of some art in the MRT I saw, a very empty mrt carriage and the fish and chips
:party-dinosaur: This has certainly been a day to remember! Today my brother (Tom) and I headed down to Marina Bay / SportsHub Area to have some fun! We decided to do some kayaking 🛶 and now we're taking a two day course to get try our kayaking certification 📃 We kayaked around Marina Bay, it was really nice to kayak around Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens by the Bay and all the famous landmarks you'd associate with Singapore :singaporeparrot: We then went to Popeyes, to grab some lunch which was yummy as always 😋 They had these really nice little ice cream cubes that we shared! Then we headed for a walk from the Stadium, heading up along the boardwalk and condos then to Marina Barrage and ending in Gardens by the Bay. (so basically walking around the reservoir we had gone kayaking on). The first photo is of the water sports centre and the reservoir. The second is your famous Marina Bay group of buildings: Marina Bay Sans (the complex with 3 buildings and a boat on top), Gardens by the Bay (a new garden built next to the CBD), the Arts Science Museum (the white flower shaped building) and the Singapore Flyer 🎡. The third are the super trees at Gardens by the Bay, these are super cool fake trees. They are vertical gardens that house exotic plants, they collect rainwater for the garden, have solar panels to power their light displays and are engineering genius in my view 🌴 Then the fourth photo is of the CBD, with the gardens in the foreground. 🏢 The fifth is the National Stadium, which is the largest dome in the world, has a retractable roof and because Singapore is in the tropics a environmentally friendly bowl style cooling system that feels like air conditioning (trust me it's cool in their) but uses 15% of the energy. The sixth image is of the gardens again 🌻 I hope you enjoyed my tour of Marina Bay, good night you all I'm tired 😴
CodeDay project is getting along well!! Finished almost all of coding for the project and now have to work on documenting it! Hardware is also going pretty well :yaylatios: photo is of taiwan's mountains
:codeday: :hardware: 📦 :scrappy1: my day in emojis... and here's a photo of the sunset over Luang Prabang (Laos) really nice place, loved having the chance to travel there with my friends
:party-dinosaur: finished the admin dashboard for my CodeLabs project! my part is almost done, just got a lot of writing to do :parrotdad: 🚢 tried to ship out more hardware grants but every system in the world is against us right now :( :zizek: i had no clue what to do for today for my art so here's a Alpaca statue with my 5 alpacas (two of them are shy)
Today I worked on the UI of my CodeLabs project's admin dashboard and fixed a crucial bug, getting close to the finish line! I might even get the admin dashboard done tomorrow :party-dinosaur: Also loads of hardware grants stuff done, was up super late last night reviewing about 100 applications, but we did it! ✅ But let's not forget my daily piece of art:
Made some art for art week it's a nebula, I made it with paint and a toothbrush, I'm pretty happy with it! 🎨 Also today the student council hosted our first session with the kids at the rainbow center, had some fun over Zoom together :party-dinosaur: Worked on my CodeLabs project, made the admin dashboard with Flask. :codeday: And finishing off the day doing Hardware Party stuff :hardware:
Today I worked with the Singapore STEM Club team on getting everything going again after a COVID hiatus also completely redesigned the site which I’m super proud of (will share when its all finished). We talked about what we wanted to do with the time, where we see the org going and pieced together what Phase 3 will look like for events. Also headed down to the library.
:party-dinosaur: :partyparrot: :yaylatios: YAHOOOO THERE ARE NO MORE FINALISED CARTS TO REVIEW!!! We did it @roshan!! (though there's still more waves of applicants and we gotta make sure all these deliveries arrive, but let's celebrate?) Over 160 people have had hardware grants shipped to them! (don't forget you can still join in) We had some family friends come over today, here's a photo of the yummy pavlova my mum made:
Super nice sunset from tonight! Did the usual today: CodeLabs Project, Hardware Grants and hopefully fixed a bug on the main summer website that stopped stuff from deploying (yikes). But today we mixed up! Alongside a few other Student Council members, we met the kids from the Rainbow Centre for the first time :partyparrot: It's a school that helps special needs students and we're going to be running all sorts of fun activities for them next week :yay: We're also hoping to build a long term partnership with them! And guess where it all started? with a cold email I sent months ago! Super excited to see it all coming together, I was a very proud president with all the great work everyone was doing and how dedicated they were to helping out!
Today I did more small things: codelabs project, hardware grants and a scrappy bug fix! Me and @vitaliy172 just spent hours getting his hardware to ship (fun lol). And here are some photos from me collecting my monthly mask rations! This time I got two reusable masks instead of one and I could get them from a vending machine. The new masks are lighter and more breathable though they don't have as great of a fit as last months... also the government went light mode! 😷 (third one for the photography contest)
Got quite a lot down today! We're almost finished all of the hardware grants :hardware: Soon Scrapbook will have a page for all your mentions! Met with my CodeLabs mentor for the second time! And working more on our project.... to end here are some photos of the local wet market:
Using Twillio to build my CodeLabs project! (I'm worried I'm going to run out of credits)
🎉 🎂 🎊 Happy birthday @neervikasv! Today I went to my friend Neer's birthday party! It may have been a rainy day in Singapore but we still had loads of fun! We tried Five Guy's Milkshakes, eat a lot of Nandos and escaped from a very suspensful Escape Room: Tekong Army Bunk! The best part though has to be this fantastic gift wrapping (Diaso is awesome) that turned into a funky costume: (i am submitting the landscape photo for the photography contest)
Pretty chill day, didn't do too much! Did some coding, hardware grants ofc and ate the cookies my brother made! Here are some photos from my walk tonight:
Working on our second wave of hardware grant applications!
really loving you canada /s
This is probably the most interesting thing in my Figma account: I was used it to design an "app" about Jackson Pollock in Grade 7. It was a virtual trading cards sort of thing. Here's some of the planning docs. Also the one on the far right is so I could do an effect for a video. Figma is pretty neat.
Working on my CodeLabs project, building a contact tracing tool!
2,000 commits!
success!!! 🇳🇬 Nigeria: the hardware circus is coming to town!!!
Sending out more hardware grants!
sending out more hardware grants today! also received fantastic news with loads of grants arriving :partyparrot: :party-dinosaur: and now im working out how to ship stuff to Brazil 🇧🇷
My version of the Octocat. stickers+arduino+raspberry pi+circuit playground express+headphones = this.... :octocat: :zizek:
trying out react for the first time actually by following this intro doc: also i can now develop apps locally, big big thank you to tom preston warner!!!
Second day of debate championship! Won 2 more and lost 1 more. We finish with a 3-2 record! s/o to my teammate Sara for getting 11th best speaker
Today was pretty relaxed, shipped out more hardware, made an important PR to scrapbook, met my CodeLabs mentor and chatted to the debate team a bit more about tomorrow. I'll leave you some photos from my sunset walk. I really like to architecture of this school...
Went for a super nice late night walk around the suburb and the botanic gardens! It's was a super nice evening, perfect temperature and a good breeze!
the first hardware grant arrived at someone’s doorstep!!!
It's election season in SG, so I decieded to do more research into SG politics today. Here are some photos of election posters:
Hardware grants are starting to get shipped!!! 🎉
Heading to the doctor... fun...
working on more exciting things for summer of making!
Didn’t feel too great today, reported some bugs on our Summer of Making site, also went to the shops, watched a documentary on the Cultural Revolution, read some hardware shopping lists and wanna do some chill coding tonight, also listened to some pretty nice music
my old profile picture was very boring.. this one not so boring
More sneak peeks
Making an exciting new Slack bot
Working on a new website for Summer of Making
Got all the first wave accepted people there acceptance letters and on to the slack and then provided loads of support. After about three read throughs each of 100,000 words worth of applications its really good to be confident with our choices and send out these emails. Big shoutout to @roshan for all their support. Now comes the sad part… rejection letters… now their a whole different level
👀 putting this here before it all goes downhill lol
Attended the annual Singapore Debating championship (virtually)
Hosted Wikipedia Races for Summer of Making!
I just found that my app was showcased on the student gallery as well!
Moved my website onto Netlify CMS & Jekyll because I’m lazy and don’t want to edit HTML to update my site! site @
Got my Google Cloud t-shirt from the #MajulahGCP contest in Singapore
Every single hardware applicant has received a preliminary review. Done (for now).
i basically i have no clue how these things work, but i’m working through the problems very slowly and having some fun! these are pretty addicting even for bigtime noobs
Reviewed “basically” all of the wonderful hardware grants! (my brain hurts from reading like 75,000 words)
Sent out the first follow up email for all the hardware grant applicants
schedule sent an email with a cool idea to someone, hope it actually happens!
we wrapped up the onepwaa wscamp! live events still freak me out, but i’m super happy the stream never actually broke! i also made the pwaachive which has all the materials from the camp:
🚀 😃 Loads of emoji features in Scrappy!!! Emoji translator should translate these emoji and scrappy should now react with a random emoji not just a sun!
if you are a scrolling god, you now get a nice message at the bottom of the scrapbook site
🔥 So you’ve got a super streak... now what? How about displaying your streak on your personal website! I’ve created a small widget that you can put on your website with just two lines of code!
Dough making science experiment
And that wraps up Day 1 of WSCamp Online! Was stream manager for the day which was stressful but we got it done! also ended the day adjudicating a debate which i had never done before
hosted a kahoot for summer of making!!!
Designing stream graphics for the OnePwaa WSCamp that's tomorrow
I survived Grade 9!!!!!!
its time to settle the tabs vs spaces debate using all the data you give us when you request hardware
8 hours and one goal: make a video introducing summer of making. with icloud deleting all the original files from melody’s account it was a challenge. and here’s the final result:
Who's been keeping up with their streaks?
working on adding some scrapbook posts on the website
Playing with my circuit python express, little thing that turns red when it gets loud
finished off my dumb api i made for my hack club so we can display stuff on ur static site without leaking everything
making css stuff (also this css gets rid of my 23samuel.p username which is quite cool
the end of school is driving me insane, so boredom has created:
more stuff
designing a thing
Wowza! You made it to the end. Thanks 🙌