Me (Sam Poder)

Sam Poder

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👋 G'day! My name is Sam. I'm an Australian who grew up in Singapore; nowadays, I live in California. I'm learning all about computers and languages at Berkeley. Hack yeah!

I enjoy making things (mostly involving code), playing soccer, running hackathons and learning about random pieces of trivia.

Here are a couple of projects I'm proud of:

🌎 Hack Club is a worldwide community of high school hackers.


🔵 An open source CMS built for hackers and hobbyists.


🔥 A daily streak system & portfolio for your projects.


🌏 A 4D multimedia experience showcasing the upcoming challenges caused by global warming.


🎶 An interactive sound festival built for Innovation Week 2021 (built using Sonic Pi).


🌁 The behind-the-scenes of the first high school hackathon since the pandemic!


Away from school I spend my time working with friends on 🏦 HCB — a fiscal sponsorship platform built using Ruby on Rails. We give people the tools they need do incredible things in the real world:

We recently shipped our own version of Expensify!

I also enjoy exploring the Bay Area & California, here are some recent pictures of mine:

If you're ever in the area (say hi!), I'd recommend checking out Grotto Rock Park, Indian Rock Park, Twin Peaks, the Clark Kerr Fire Trails, and Dolores Park.

More things of mine are on my GitHub, @sampoder. Feel free to email me about anything at sampoder [at]